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Until now, we have been dedicated to fulfilling the corporate philosophy of "contributing to society through the pursuit of our dream" by striving toward our future "dream". That dream is to establish a foundation for a direct marketing business that customers can use with safeness and trust. We are now witnessing a surge in demand for direct marketing activities. Along with climbing demand, we take pride in the fact that we continued to play a role in the sound growth of the direct marketing sector in Japan.

From now, our mission is to offer dreams, hopes and a brighter future to our customers, consumer cooperatives and all other people that we work with and serve through our business operations. In addition, we are leveraging our experience in the Catalog Sales business to target the immense opportunities in the e-commerce sector. To continue growing in this market sector, we are placing priority on providing our customers with exciting new products, services and experiences.

Furthermore, we believe that contributing to progress in communities and society as a whole is a key obligation of all companies. In particular, we have a social responsibility with regard to the large volume of paper that our business operations consume. This is one reason that we will work even harder at protecting the environment.

We wish to realize our customers' dreams, happiness and surprises from our heart. This is the spirit that will continue to form the basis for all of our activities.

Chairman, CEO & COO Mamoru Horita
Mamoru Horita
Born December 18, 1950. Served as President of Prominent Apparel, a Hong Kong company belonging to the Itochu Corporation group. Subsequently named deputy textile group manager for Itochu (China). Named President and CEO of Mutow Co.,Ltd(currently Scroll Corporation)in April 2007.Named Chairman of Scroll Corporation in May 2015.
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