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1939 Began operation in Hamamatsu as Mutow Dressmaker with 6 sawing machines
1943 Established Shizuoka Fuhaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (capital of ¥198 thousand)
1951 Merged Mutow Shoji Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Mutow-Iryou Co., Ltd.
1954 Began direct sales of clothing for women's society "Topper" in Hamamatsu
1955 Began nationwide marketing activities on a motorcycle (Honda Dream)
1956 Began direct sales of apparels for National Women's Organization
1967 Began sales at the Kimono Exhibition (Kyoka Exhibition)
  Changed name to Mutow Apparel Co., Ltd.
  Issued "Mutow Total Catalog", an apparel catalog
  Began sales of school bags for preschool and kindergarten children
1969 Began business with student co-op
1970 Changed name to Mutow Co., Ltd.
1971 Began business with Consumer Cooperative
  Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange (delisted)
  Established Mutow Service Co., Ltd.
1972 Established Mutow Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
1973 Published Co-op digest catalog
1977 Established "Friendship Society" and began sales through direct-mail
1983 Established Mutow Credit Co., Ltd.
1984 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section
1986 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section
  Established Mutow Information Center Co., Ltd. (current Scroll360)
1987 Published individual DM fashion catalog "RAPTY"
1991 Introduced MDMS (Mutow Direct Marketing System)
1993 Published individual DM general merchandise catalog "Seikatsuzacca"
1996 Began Internet DM through "Mutow On-line shop (scroll shop)"
1998 Announced an "Environmental Protection Medium-term Plan" and began environmental protection activities
2001 Opened a mobile website "Mutow On-line shop (scroll shop)"
2005 Spun off Agent business (door-to-door sales, exhibition sales)
2006 Merged Mutow Service and Muto Distribution Center with Mutow Co., Ltd.
2007 Outsourced distribution business to HAMAKYOREX Co., Ltd.
2008 Changed Mutow Information Center Co., Ltd. to Mutow Marketing Support Co.,Ltd. (current Scroll360 Corporation)
2009 Changed name to Scroll Corporation
2010 Converted Innovate Co.,Ltd. (current AXES Co.,Ltd.)into a subsidiary
2012 Converted SCROLL TRADING(SHANGHAI)Co.,LTD. into a subsidiary
  Converted Himax Corporation(current Tofu-Moritaya Corporation) into a subsidiary
  Converted AXES Co.,Ltd. into a subsidiary
2013 Converted HAC CO.,LTD. (current Hokkaido Anthropologie Corporation) into a subsidiary
  Converted CatchBall, Inc. into a subsidiary by Scroll360 Corporation
  Established SCROLL R&D Co.,Ltd.
  Established Scroll Logistics Co.,Ltd.
2017 Converted NaturaPurify Institute CO.,LTD. into a subsidiary
  Converted T&M CO.,LTD. (NaturaPurify Institute CO.,LTD.) into a subsidiary
  Converted KINARI inc. into a subsidiary
  Established Scroll International Corporation
2018 Converted Minerva Holdings Co., LTD. (current Naturum Co., LTD.) into a subsidiary
  Converted TRAVEX TOURS INC. into a subsidiary
  Converted Moshimo Co.,Ltd. into a subsidiary by Scroll360 Corporation
  Established SCROLL TAIWAN CO.,LTD.
2019 Converted MIYOSHI corporation. into a subsidiary by  Naturum Co.,LTD.
  Merged NaturaPurify Institute CO.,LTD. into T&M CO.,LTD. and changed company name into NaturaPurify Institute CO.,LTD.
  Merged Innovate Co.,Ltd. into AXES Co.,Ltd.
2020 Established Scroll Direct Marketing Institute general incorporated association.
  Built a new logistics center " Scroll Logistics Center Mirai " in Tsukubamirai-shi, Ibaraki
Sawing machine Sawing machine
Topper Topper
1st edition of catalogs 1st edition of
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