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Becoming a “good life company” that designs the future

Ever since its founding, our corporate group has taken on the challenge of not only keeping pace with the times, but also going one step ahead through a mail-order business built on reliability and trust.

We have established the so-called Direct Marketing Conglomerate by leveraging the diverse merchandise and service provided by our groups. Our efforts to this day includes the shift from catalog mail-order to e-commerce, bolstering our health and beauty line-up in addition to fashion, improvement of customer-centric service directed at savvy seniors and overseas customers, and expansion from the domestic market to taking on the global market with a focus on Asia.

With the goal of furthering globalization of our group and strengthening the revenue base, we will continue to promote our omnichannel strategy by going beyond the constraints of mail-order and e-commerce and providing cosmetics products at brick-and-mortar stores not only in Japan but also in various Asian countries. At the same time, we will develop a system with which to make better use of our local subsidiaries and offices in China, Singapore, and Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. In terms of both, procurement and sales.

We plan to take on challenges such as travel business in new business areas while setting our mail-order, solutions service, e-commerce, and health and beauty as core businesses. We will strive to bring our customers with not merely “things,” but memorable episodes and excitement that brighten up everyday lives by making integral use of sales channels and merchandise owned by each division.

Combining the business that we have built up thus far with the new business that we plan to build, we will be reborn as a “good life company” underlined with the bond between our customers, shareholders, business partners, and everyone around the world to design the future in a collaborative effort with our stakeholders.

Together with you, “making today a good day!”

Chairman, CEO Mamoru Horita


Mamoru Horita
Born December 18, 1950. Served as President of Prominent Apparel, a Hong Kong company belonging to the Itochu Corporation group. Subsequently named deputy textile group manager for Itochu (China). Named President and CEO of Mutow Co.,Ltd(currently Scroll Corporation)in April 2007.Named Chairman of Scroll Corporation in May 2015.
Tomohisa Tsurumi
Born in May 11 of 1966. After joining Mutow Co., Ltd. (now Scroll Corporation) in April 1989, served as executive officer and executive manager of the direct mail division’s innerwear mail order business, president of the group company Tofu Moritaya Corp. Became director and executive officer of Scroll Corporation in May 2013, president and director in May 2015,then president and COO in April 2020.
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