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To the Next Goal!

Our company motto is "Being a company trusted by society. Doing business cleanly, correctly and beautifully."
Since its founding, we have provided products and services based on peace of mind and trust, and have contributed to the development of the industry as a pioneer of mail-order companies.

In recent years, under the " Direct Marketing Conglomerate (DMC) Strategy", we have steadily promoted various reforms and investments for the sustainable growth of the company, and established a strong and stable management and business foundation.

Currently, there are various risks in Japan, including the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Even in such a situation, we will balanced management so that Scroll group can continue to grow sustainably and
promote our business so that we can help enrich your life through mail-order sales.

We have formulated a new medium-term management plan, "Next Evolution 2023," which will start in 2021FY.
The severe management environment awaits us, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, the shrinking consumer market due to the declining population in Japan, and intensifying competition.
We will promote the deepening of existing businesses and the construction of new business models under the theme of "transformation and evolution of DMC."

In addition, in the review of the market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange scheduled for April 2022, by strengthening corporate governance toward the transition to the "prime market", we aim to achieve the next goal of the DMC strategy.

President Tomohisa Tsurumi


Tomohisa Tsurumi
Born in May 11 of 1966. After joining Mutow Co., Ltd. (now Scroll Corporation) in April 1989, served as executive officer and executive manager of the direct mail division’s innerwear mail order business, president of the group company Tofu Moritaya Corp. Became director and executive officer of Scroll Corporation in May 2013, president and director in May 2015,then president in April 2020.
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