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Offices Scroll Logistics Center Hamamatsu-Nishi

Outstanding quality assurance and efficiency for the speedy and reliable delivery of merchandise

SLC Hamamatsu Nishi oversees every step from the receipt of merchandise to final delivery to customers. As a comprehensive distribution base with exclusive Scroll systems and know-how, we deliver safe, reliable and fair high-quality products anywhere in Japan.

Location: 4-8-1 Takaoka-Nishi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka,
Scroll Logistics Co.,Ltd.


Quality & Speedy	Equipped for high volume and many types of products

Key Points of SLC Hamamatsu Nishi

Comprehensive oversight Efficient handling of each step from receipt to shipment

The center occupies a site of about 55,000㎡. To handle an enormous volume of merchandise, we use a distribution system including receipt of goods, storage, sorting, inspection, packaging and shipping. The merchandise center has enough space for about 300,000 cases with a section exclusively for large products. Bar codes are used to record all data to ensure the reliability and accuracy of shipments.

Receipt and inspections SCM labels for handling incoming shipments efficiently

Every day, SLC Hamamatsu Nishi receives an immense volume of products. The SCM labels make shipments and inspections more efficient. Barcode scanners read the bar codes on the SCM labels on each carton. Data are then compared with incoming shipment information sent in advance by suppliers. The carton's storage location is automatically assigned. Finally, a storage case with a case identification label is transported to the designated location for storage.

Picking and sorting An exclusive system for speedy sorting

To perform picking, Scroll uses the batch picking method in which all merchandise for 240 customers is removed from storage cases. Merchandise that has been picked in batches is then transported by conveyor belts to a series of sorting systems. Bar code scanners are used to read bar code allowing us to accurately sort 18,000 items for individual customers every hour.

Sorted by customer Sorted by customer by using the WAS

Merchandise that has been presorted is inspected / assorted by WAS(Weight Assort System). Deliver to all customers after the check with latest system whether there is no mistake. And then,it will be carefully packed. Merchandise that could not sort by the system like a bottle will be packed one by one by our staff. We take responsibility for sending our goods to customers.


From receipt to shipment

SCM labels are read for checking and storage
Merchandise center stores 300,000 cases
Workers pick merchandise for 240 customers in a single batch.
Systems are used to sort merchandise by customer.
After a WAS confirmation, packaged and transported to the shipping area.


"Our products"

Inspectors at Scroll's Quality Assurance Dept. sample to confirm the sizes, colors, stitching and other specifications of products. Every effort is made to be certain that the quality of all merchandise meets the expectations of our customers.

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