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Offices Scroll Logistics Center Iwata

New facility for outsourcing services for EC order fulfillment

SLC Iwata is the distribution center for the Scroll 360 EC shipping outsourcing service. The center features sophisticated climate control and security systems. As many as 3.5 million shipments can be handled every year. The center is ideally suited to function as a shipment base to support the growth of operations at client companies.

Location: 100 Shimomanno, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka, 438-0818


Solutions & Total Support	The hub of shipping outsourcing business

Key Points of SLC Iwata

Shipping capacity  27,126.7㎡ of space

Completed in 2009, SLC Iwata has a floor area of 27,126.7m2 within a four-story, steel-frame structure, a parking space for 152 vehicles and a truck terminal with 12 loading docks. Each floor is 158.9m long with a ceiling height of between 3.4m and 6.5m. The building is resistant to fire and earthquakes but has a design that minimizes the number of steel columns to increase the amount of work space. Up to 3.5 million shipments can be handled at this center every year.

Security environment for product safety

Merchandise of customers is protected by a highly advanced security system.
Surveillance cameras are placed at entrances and all points that handle incoming and outgoing shipments. IC cards must be used to enter the building. To provide a pleasant working environment, the building has 280 heating and air conditioning units along with carefully designed illumination, which translates directly into higher productivity.

Comprehensive support From ledger sheet issuing to sorting and delivery

Incoming shipments of goods are sent to the booths of each company. Scroll then performs picking, sorting, checking, packaging and shipment. In the operations room, which is next to the machine room, we prepare all required forms based on data received from customers. This includes picking lists and quantities, as well as shipping and delivery documents. Scroll performs every step in the shipment process including adding bar codes and making packages if necessary.

Reliability Handle any industry regardless of lot size or product

SLC Iwata, which handles various products, functions as the hub for a Scroll's 12 shipping locations. We have the flexibility to meet the requirements of each customer. Many well-known shopping mall stores outsource their shipments to Scroll. These retailers know they can rely on us for services that are speedy, accurate and thoughtful. We plan to meet a variety of needs by speeding up and streamlining operations.


From receipt to shipment

Merchandise is received from many suppliers.
Check, inspect and store separately for each EC company.
Perform as required for the business model.
Sorted for each customer, and ads and samples are packaged.
5.Checking & packaging
Inspect and package to prevent any errors. Send to the shipping area.


"Environmental measures"

We handle our customers' merchandise safely and gently along with protecting the environment. Smoking is prohibited in the center. Workers are required to take personal refuse home. We aim to operate a clean and environmentally sustainable facility, such as by using groundwater for toilets.

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