Business introduction Business introduction


Solutions Business

Focused business
B 2 B
Solutions Business Solutions Business

FY2023 results

net sales

net sales24,992Millions of yen

Percentage of consolidated sales

Percentage of consolidated sales29%

We provide EC / mail-order businesses with a mechanism to support mail-order sales, such as logistics infrastructure, systems, and payment institutions that were created during the operation of the mail-order business, as a solution service.

  • Scroll 360 Corporation
    Business details

    fulfillment (logistics agency), payments, systems, EC-BPO (consignment of e-commerce order receipt work, etc.), online marketing (customer attraction and sales promotion support services)

  • CatchBall, Inc.
    Business details

    “” post-payment service for BtoC sales
    “” post-payment service for B2B sales

  • Moshimo Co.,Ltd.
    Business details

    Affiliate services, marketing services

  • Chengdu Yinhena Internet Service Co.,Ltd.
    Business details

    Outsourcing business for Japanese e-commerce (order processing, data creation, inventory management) and Chinese e-commerce businesses (cross-border sales support, branding support, etc.)

Mail-order Business

Core business
B 2 B 2 C
Mail-order Business Mail-order Business

FY2023 results

net sales

net sales39,165Millions of yen

Percentage of consolidated sales

Percentage of consolidated sales46%

We mainly deliver weekly catalogs to members of co-op home delivery businesses nationwide, and are developing mail-order sales that provide products such as clothing and fashion accessories.

E-commerce Business

Growth business
B 2 C
E-commerce Business E-commerce Business

FY2023 results *Figures include results of former HBT business

net sales

net sales17,508Millions of yen

Percentage of consolidated sales

Percentage of consolidated sales21%

Taking advantage of the characteristics of EC, which has various customer contact points, we are developing specialty stores specializing in genres on own official websites and Internet malls.

Group Jurisdiction Business

Group support
B 2 B
Group Jurisdiction Business Group Jurisdiction Business

FY2023 results

net sales

net sales3,315Millions of yen

It plays an important role in supporting the Group, such as the operation of distribution centers, the effective use of real estate, and the management of overseas subsidiaries.