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The SCROLL Group will continue to support the emergence of the people’s affluent lifestyles based on our corporate motto, “We shall earn the trust of the public.” With a spirit of challenge, we will strive for sustainable growth by creating better products and services and providing added value that has never existed before.

To achieve this, a sustainable society is a prerequisite. We will work towards solving environmental and social problems through our business and contribute to realizing the sustainable society.

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Since its founding in 1939, the SCROLL Group has been endeavored to support the creation of affluent lifestyles for our customers. We have been striving to improve our business model to meet our customers’ need of affluence which continuously change with the times. In recent years, environmental and social issues have become more diverse than ever before, and sustainability has become increasingly important. Under the circumstances, we are expected to contribute to solving environmental and social problems through our business. The SCROLL Group will identify ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) materiality issues and work towards their resolution in order to realize a sustainable society. We will continue to “be a good life company for people, society, and the earth” and to strive to achieve both social and economic value.

President Tomohisa Tsurumi

Sustainability Basic Policy

1. We support the richer lifestyles of customers through products that are safe, secure, and considerate of the environment and society.

2. We aim to be what everyone considers a “good company,” and we endeavor to act as a partner that promotes the SCROLL Group’s raison d’etre.
We also aim to create an environment where our employees can play an active role.

3. We will work with our business partners to procure responsibly, based on a common understanding of environmental and social issues.

4. We will enhance our corporate value by balancing economic growth with initiatives to address environmental and social issues.

5. We will contribute to a sustainable local community through employee participation activities.


We have formulated the following materiality by identifying the external environment surrounding the Group and understanding risks and opportunities.

  Materiality Explanation of materiality

Material issues to be solved through our bussiness

Supporting the creation of affluent lifestyles through the development of better products and services. Providing added-value products, experiences and services at appropriate prices and supporting the creation of affluent lifestyles are the reason of our existance and important issues of us, Scroll Group.
We will plan and propose useful products for daily life by listening sincerely to the voice of our customers.
Solving social problems caused by declining birthrates and an aging society. This era is known as the 100 year time period, we will promote efforts to solve various problems related to the declining birthrates and an aging society through our business activities as a marketing solution company so that people can lead fulfilling lives.
Reducing environmental burdens. Efforts to address climate change are becoming more and more active around the world, including the Paris Agreement and Japan’s Carbon Neutral Declaration.
We, the Scroll Group, will also contribute to building a sustainable society by promoting reductions in CO2 and other GHG emissions and other environmental burdens.
Providing safe and secure products by strengthen our SCM. In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the safety and security of products and services.
We will promote responsible procurement together with our suppliers, taking environmental and social issues into consideration.

Material issues that form the foundation of our business

Promoting task diversity management. We will strive to create an environment in which employees can maximize their abilities by recognizing the invisible inner diversity of abilities, knowledges, and experiences (task diversity) and to will also lead to the sustainable growth of the company.
Contributing to local communities. We will contribute to the realization of sustainable local communities through employee-participatory activities. Furthermore, through social contribution activities that contribute to the development of local communities, we aim to be a company that is loved and trusted by local people, and we also promote psychological support for our employees and their families.
Strengthening corporate governance. Our basic policy on corporate governance is to maximize corporate value through increasing management efficiency and transparency on safe and sound business activities. Based on this policy, we aim for sustainable growth and medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value based on the trust of society.

Sustainability activities(ESG)