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Human Resources

Concept of human resources

The SCROLL Group seeks independent and autonomous career formation as an individual, and develops and supports human resources who contribute not only to results but also to the improvement of the organizational strength of the group.
We believe that aiming to create an environment in which we can maximize the abilities of each individual while striving to respond to the formation of diverse careers desired by our employees will lead to the sustainable growth of the Group.

Efforts for the active participation of human resources

A look of the office

Based on the concept of ​​human resources, the Group is aware that each employee will contribute to the formation of diverse careers and the improvement of organizational strength, and manages task diversity so that the achievement of individual and organizational goals leads to business development.
We are promoting it. Task diversity is the invisible inner diversity of each employee’s abilities, knowledge, experience, values, etc. To promote this, we are implementing the following initiatives and system introductions.

■Promoting the active participation of women The Group regards the promotion of women’s advancement as an important factor as one of the promotion of task diversity, and the ratio of female managers in the entire group should be 25% or more by FY2024 (20% or more for scrolls). Is the goal. We will select female manager candidates, promote human resource development while conducting management training for each generation such as the next generation and the next generation, and continue to promote female managers.

■Introduction of diversity system Even if working hours and working styles are restricted by life stages, we have introduced a system that enables employees to fully utilize the abilities of employees who want to continue working in the SCROLL Group and realize diversity in working styles. Specifically, we are working to create an environment where pregnant women, childcare workers, caregivers, and senior human resources can choose flexible working styles such as flextime, shorter working hours, and working from home.

■Introduction of job type system With the aim of hiring and retaining highly specialized human resources, we have introduced a job-type system that clearly defines job content, hires and assigns employees, and determines evaluations and remuneration based on work results. In this way, we will flexibly respond to the annual income level and promote the hiring of human resources with high expertise necessary for realizing the Group’s sustainable growth strategy, such as system human resources.

■Promotion of human resource development Career items have been newly established in the personal goals set by employeesBy grasping individual career goals for superiors and personnel, we will consider transfers and project participation according to each career path, and support the acquisition of necessary skills. We also provide management training for leaders and unit managers, and basic education for new employees and educators throughout the group. We will continue to enhance various menus necessary for improving employee skills and career development.

Social Contribution Activities

Concept of social contribution

The SCROLL Group contributes to sustainable community development through employee participation activities.
We will also aim to be a company that is loved and trusted by the local people through social contribution activities that contribute to the development of the local community.

Support for women volunteer groups

Steering committee

Presentation ceremony

The Charitable Trust SCROLL Women Volunteer Fund embodies and puts into practice the spirit of “trust and service,” which is our company motto, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Scroll Corporation (Mutow Co., Ltd. when the fund was first established) in March 1994. Established to do.
This program aims to contribute to the promotion of social welfare activities by supporting organizations centered around women who volunteer for the elderly and disabled in Shizuoka Prefecture each year.
Applicants are called for through public relations magazines in Shizuoka Prefecture each year, and grant recipients are selected from the volunteer groups that applied via a review. More than 300 grants have been provided since the fund was established.
The SCROLL Group will continue to actively support volunteer activities in the future.


Number of
grant recipients 14

Total from establishment to FY2021

Number of
grants 407

Grant amount
39.22million yen

Initiatives with Hamamatsu Flower Park

A look of the agreement signing ceremony with Ms. Konami Tsukamoto

In order to contribute to society in Hamamatsu City, the place of establishment, In March 2022, we signed an “Agreement on Mutual Cooperation and Cooperation” with the “Hamamatsu City Flower Green Promotion Foundation” (hereinafter “Hamamatsu Flower Park”), which operates the Hamamatsu Flower Park.
The Flower Green Promotion Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its business and declares that it will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
The Group also resonated with this, and the management resources of both sides, such as the presentation of uniforms worn by volunteer staff in Hamamatsu Flower Park and the appearance of Ms. Konami Tsukamoto, the president of the Flower Green Promotion Foundation, in our catalog. We are making efforts that utilize. We will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable community and the development of Hamamatsu City through the support and cooperation of both parties.

“Agreement on Support for Emergency Living Supplies, etc. in the Event of a Disaster” with Hamamatsu City

Disaster prevention set of MIYOSHI corporation.

In March 2020, SCROLL signed an “Agreement on Support for Emergency Living Supplies, etc. in the Event of a Disaster” with Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
By concluding this agreement, we will endeavor to contribute to regional disaster prevention by supplying the Group’s products and facilities during the supply of supplies.

Outline of “Agreement on Support for Supply of Emergency Living Supplies in the Event of a Disaster”

When a disaster occurs or is likely to occur in Hamamatsu City, we will supply clothing, disaster prevention supplies, etc. to the extent possible based on the request from Hamamatsu City.

Holding a Christmas party

Christmas party (in FY2021)

The SCROLL Group holds a Christmas event every December for the purpose of giving thanks to the local people and contributing to society.
We invite local elementary and kindergarten children to a scrolling Christmas party to help them make winter memories with their parents and friends. We will hold an event to make local children smile in order to deliver “Today is a good day.”

Donation to the Pink Ribbon Campaign

Since its founding, the SCROLL Group has been supported by many female customers to this day through transactions with women’s associations and co-ops that continue to this day. We have started donating to the “Pink Ribbon Campaign” in FY2020 with the desire to support many women, breast cancer patients and their families through our business, which has many female customers.
We support the “Pink Ribbon Campaign,” which is an educational activity to disseminate correct knowledge about breast cancer, through the certified NPO J.POSH, and identify it as a social contribution that not only our company but also customers who purchased our products can be involved. We donate part of the sales of our products to this campaign.

Total to FY2021

Donation amount
740thousand yen

Donations to the DAWN Foundation

The SCROLL Group is actively working on one of the materialities (important issues), “contribution to the local community.”In collaboration with the Co-op, we donate clothing, etc.
to the Osaka Gender Equality Foundation (DAWN Foundation) , whose purpose is to correct the social and economic gender gap and to provide professional and comprehensive support for women’s empowerment. Through this activity, we are cooperating with Osaka Prefecture’s “Support Project for Women with Difficulties and Challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Total to FY2021

Donation amount
617thousand yen

Activities through the Shareholder Benefit Program

Based on our corporate motto of “we shall earn the trust of the public by doing business in an honest,” the SCROLL Group is committed to working together with all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities, to resolve environmental and social issues through our business activities, and to contribute to a sustainable society. For those shareholders who support our efforts, we have expanded the scope of use of shareholder gift certificates to allow shareholders to select “Donation to Shizuoka Prefecture Green Bank” as an option in the shareholder benefit program starting in June 2022. This donation will be used to train personnel to protect and nurture public flower beds and forests in Shizuoka Prefecture, and to support and subsidize the activity expenses of volunteer groups engaged in activities to protect the living environment and forests.

Total from the establishment of the program to December 2022

Number of
system usage 1,793

Donation amount
1,026thousand yen

Human Rights (Procurement)

Responsible procurement

Qingdao sewing factory

The SCROLL Group is actively working on one of the materialities (important issues), “contribution to the local community.” The SCROLL will maintain integrity in its business activities, respect human rights, and consider the environment in all aspects, in response to the materiality (important issue) of “providing safe and secure products by strengthening SCM.” Based on the idea that ensuring a better working environment and sustainable efforts throughout the production process of products are important, we have established the “Code of Conduct for Production Partners” and have made it to our production partners. We only produce at factories that have requested and pledged to comply. As an audit method, we carry out code of conduct audits by visiting our employees, or conduct audits based on code of conduct standards such as WRAP, the world’s largest labor and environment certification program, by third-party certification audits.